About Us

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Hey Bob ® is a platform that connects two-wheeler taxis to commuters disembarking from metro stations and bus stops looking for an affordable, convenient and quick last mile connectivity to their final destinations. It also provides dedicated delivery service which is guaranteed and is available anywhere anytime. It works on hourly/ monthly as per client requirements.

Hey Bob

Why Hey Bob?

Last mile connectivity has been an issue for the ages and has been addressed by the unorganized sector mainly, pedal rickshaws and auto-rickshaws. The need was accentuated by a large-scale adoption of the metro with fewer stops than buses. The current timing for the M-TAXI service is facilitated by the following:

The proliferation of smartphone usage amongst the urban commuter.

Technological advances to allow real-time management of large fleets & riders.

Public discourse on the use of cleaner, responsible habits around public transport.

State willingness to approve contract carriage permits to two-wheelers.

Disapproval of the vagaries of the unorganized sector by the youth.

Revealed preferences of commuters by use of app-based cab services.
Our Vision

Hey Bob with its razor-sharp focus on execution aims to become the ultimate mode of transport and delivery service for its consumer. Is also aspires to compliment this aim by implementing best of technology to create world-class services